An Analysis: Bangladesh’s Murdered Bloggers



BBC went to Bangladesh recently to produce a radio program about the Bangladeshi bloggers. The objective, as per the team, was to start to bring light to the unexplored narratives and discussions about the free thinkers and their struggle against Islamism and it’s abusers, i.e. the political parties, government, Islamic business and various other benefactors. I facilitated by making connections with some of the reclusive atheist bloggers that won’t talk to the media, and with my assistance two of the listed bloggers were interviewed.  


However, when the program was aired, with absolute disbelief, we witnessed that the whole program was used to strengthen the Islamist narrative because of biased segmentation, selective questioning and sometimes allowing ignorance to take its undue place. The age old problem of Objectivity vs. Neutrality is seen throughout the program. This, in my view, was very much unlike the BBC (or maybe not).


After consulting with fellow activists, both Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi, we decided to go over the whole program and do an analysis of each segment.


Dutch atheist activist with Masters in political science Hidde Gaastra @HSGaastra kindly agreed to participate in the discussion which we have recorded in Audio format to share with the rest of the world. 


Please have a listen and let others know how political correctness

and relying on propaganda can ruin a BBC program. 


Apologies for the less than professional standard. Technically my channel is a work in progress.

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